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This article will review the two different ways you can login to cPanel -  via WHM and via a direct login URL.

Method #1 - Access cPanel from within WHM

Accessing cPanel from within WHM is a very straightforward process:

Step 1. Log into WHM on the following URL:

Note! Replace the with your actual domain name.

WHM Login Page

Step 2. Type in your username and password. Your login details can be found in the welcome email.

Step 3. Go to the Account Information -> List Accounts section, type in your domain or username in the "Search For:" field and click on the account corresponding cPanel icon.

Method #1 - Access cPanel through your browser address bar

Step 1. 
Visit the the following URL to get to your cPanel login:

Note! Replace the term with your actual domain name.

Step 2. Type in your cPanel username and password.

cPanel Login page

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